Abstract Description of Keep it Dirty


By fiat I, Samuel Ray Jacobson, declare every “dirty” car in Los Angeles a work of art, pursuant to the authority invested in me by nobody.

In turn I, Samuel Ray Jacobson, declare every “dirty” car in the city AN INSTANCE, specifically of #KEEPITDIRTY, henceforth known as “the world’s largest public art project.” *

Insodoing I, Samuel Ray Jacobson, being of much education and no employment, seek to ###iate the following several political and techno-social assertions:

1) Ecological co-action does not have to be serious to be serious.
2) Everything you’re doing is fine.
3) I matter. (read aloud)
4) Let’s be friends! Also, #theearth


Post-script –
It must be noted, in all seriousness, that the assignment of dust as the earth’s sovereign artistic medium is a matter within which all that which is dusty, which is the grit and grime of both the outside and the marginal, can become our strict and playful communion with that ground that we subjects relentlessly exploit, ignore, wreck and adore. This is gigantic, and this will continue.


* note that in the unlikely event that the 2012-2014[?] California drought has subsided by the time you are reading this, what was heretofore “the world’s largest public art project” shall be referred to instead as and only as “the world’s largest public art project, emeritus”



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