Back in my childhood, among many siblings, the order of the day was of organized chaos.

Sweeping was a two-part process. First the accumulated debris was manipulated into a pile and secondly a careful inspection was made to uncover anything still usable. In those days I might be foraging for little parts to games or puzzles, barrettes and pins, a missing baby tooth (headed for the faerie) and so on. I would seize upon the mass as if it were a mound of hope and it was a challenge to secure that thing that had been on the verge of being forever lost.

Today I have a vacuum cleaner and live in a solely adult household but old habits die hard. I can not simply toss a used vacuum cleaner bag away without the same ritual of examination. Since I am far less excited about what may be found within, my modern suctioned piles have remained contained in these bags for years. Years of bags became a pile.

Here I have opened the bags, released and sorted the contents. I have documented the process on video. But still the mess is not yet disposed of. It remains stored in a state of re-organized chaos.