New XXX Titles

Lawrence of a Labia
The Divine Connerie
My Best Friend’s Wedding Planner
Saving Ryan’s Privates
The Discerning Hussy
Rebuffy the Valentine’s Slayer
Travels with My Arse
Felcher on the Roof
The Loin King
All That Jizz
Look Who Came On Dinner
No Cunt for Old Men
In Golden Pond
Raiders of the Lost Arse
When Doody Calls (recommended for our German customers)
Ass Burgers (for hip hop fans with spectrum issues)
An Embarrassment of Bitches (urban)
A Brief Encunter
America’s Funniest Ho Videos
Dr. Quim Medicine Woman (seniors)
Wanking Life
I Know Why the Caged Bird Masturbates
Seven Brides for One Brother (Mormon fetish)
Pretty Shitty Gang Bang
Dawson’s Crack
The Gilmore Girls


Marquee Names from the new burlesque show, Uncle Vanya and the Three Sisters in the Cherry Orchard
(playing in the store’s backroom on Saturday evenings in November)

Tawdry Hepburn
Mother Goosed
Snatch Victory
Oedipal Panties
Alison Wonderland
Polly Amory


New Books of Interest

The Capitalist Karma Sutra: Essential Positions for Getting Laid in the Twenty-First Century
Neurotica: Sexy Stories for Self-Conscious and High-Strung People
From Nymph Loads to Lymph Nodes: A Mythico-Physiological History of Arousal
A Sphincter is Haunting Europe (aka, The Origin of Feces)
Drinking Bottomless Coffee in Assless Chaps
The Male Glaze: A Cultural History of Semen