“This is the beginning—from ‘I’ to ‘we.’ If you who own the things people must have could understand this, you might preserve yourself. If you could separate causes from results, if you could know that Paine, Marx, Jefferson, Lenin were results, not causes, you might survive. But that you cannot know. For the quality of owning freezes you forever into ‘I,’ and cuts you off forever from the ‘we.’ – John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath

Resist what society tells you need and what you need to do. Instead, do what we need. In times of difficulty, we are often encumbered by the thoughts of our own needs – or worse yet…our present needs. We forget to see a higher worldview of what’s going on.

The images below were taken in Ensenada, Baja California in the winter of 2014.


1.     Physiological Needs: Nature.

Keep it dirty and stop trying to make it into something shiny and new. There isn’t a way for our world to exist without some personal sacrifice. Conserve our natural resources for future generations to come.

Ensenada Beach

Ensenada Beach


2.     Safety Needs: Shelter

While we chase that next opportunity, We mustn’t forget those that we may inadvertently be leaving behind. With greater power comes greater responsibility to take care of the economies of the weaker countries. The knife cuts both ways, now that economies are intertwined. Understand that trade does not benefit both sides equally and any transgression against another’s economic well-being can come back twofold.

Abandonded Office



3.     Love and Belonging:

It’s in our nature to desire intimacy. We want to love and be loved as a whole. Look towards tolerance and understanding as borders disappear. We are a world of territories with societal values and norms merging together. Turn up.

Watering Hole



4.     Esteem

We all desire respect. Fame, glory and status can be earned from others, but only we can provide ourselves with the highest level of self-esteem. Separate from societal dictates and find strength in inner competence, independence and mastery. Have your own opinions. Don’t be afraid to leave an indelible mark and rebel.

“You are prohibited to express an opinion here”



In an age of rapid globalization, there are basic needs that conflict with one another between societies. This is a photo essay on the importance of thinking as a collective in order to satisfy our environmental, economic, social and personal needs.