Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions from how the wash works to how to sign up for a membership.

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Membership FAQs*

An unlimited membership lets you wash your car as often as you like at any Quick Quack location. You can purchase an unlimited membership for any of our three wash packages. An unlimited membership provides great value and is an easy way to ensure that you Don't Drive Dirty®.

To purchase a membership, select your preferred wash package. From there, visit myQQ to sign up. It only takes a few minutes to register and create an account. Then add your license plate number or VIN so your car can be quickly identified when you visit any Quick Quack. You can also sign up at any Quick Quack Car Wash location.

You can add up to four vehicles to any unlimited membership–so everyone in your flock can drive happy in a clean car. You can add more cars to your plan by signing onto your account at myQQ, our member portal, or at any Quick Quack location.

Yes. You can change your membership plan by submitting a request or asking a car wash Team Member to submit a request for you.

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. Please visit Contact us, select “Request Cancel” and complete the form. You can also call us at 888-772-2792 and a Customer Care Representative can assist you. Since you’ll already have paid for the current pay period, your membership will stay active through the end of the current period. No further payments will be drawn.

How the Wash Works

Going through the car wash is fast and easy. A Team Member will check you in and guide you into the car wash conveyor. Once in position, you’ll put your car in neutral, take your foot off the brake and hands off the wheel. Your car will be guided on our conveyor through multiple stages of treatments, rinses and coatings to get your car cleaned, shined and dried in 3 minutes or less.

No. We use a brushless system that is effective at removing dirt. Our spinning wraps are made with hand-cut cloth strips that are gentle on your cars surface. And we use eco-friendly, pH balanced soaps to get your car clean without harming the paint.

Quick Quack Car Wash accepts all kinds of vehicles through the wash as long as they don’t exceed 7’2” or have a tire width wider than 13.5”. Things that cannot go through the wash include:
  • Dually trucks
  • Vehicles with bike racks attached
  • Non-standard hitches (some locations cannot accept any hitches)
  • Trucks with beds that are not completely empty
  • Vehicles that are covered in hardened mud that breaks off in chunks
  • Storage pods on top of vehicle
  • Ladder racks
This list is not all-inclusive. If you have any concerns, a Team Member can inspect your vehicle before going into the wash to ensure all requirements are met.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your wash, we will immediately rewash your car. If it rains after your car wash, you can bring it back within 48 hours for a free wash. Of course, members can wash as much as they like.

We offer free dash wipes and vacuums at nearly every location to help you keep the inside of your car clean, so you Don’t Drive Dirty®.

Fundraiser FAQs

Your organization can host one “Day At The Wash” AND one “Card Sale” fundraiser per season.

They can be promoted at the same time, but not run at the same time. You would either need to host a DATW and then the next day you could start selling your cards.

You can choose any date and Quick Quack location to host your fundraiser assuming it doesn’t conflict with another event. We do require a minimum of 30 days out from your agreement submission date so you can sufficiently plan and promote your event.

Yes. If a member comes through and shows your fundraising flyer, a portion of their monthly member payment will be credited to your fundraising total. 

Depending on the reach of your organization, you can speak to our team about working with multiple locations and find the BEST car wash for you and your team! 

Yes. All cards expire 90 days from the fundraiser start date. Your supporters can redeem their cards for either one single express car wash or an unlimited car wash membership with a $1 activation. Either way your supports will enjoy a fast car wash experience.

No. There is no upfront cost, however you will be charged $5 for any cards not returned.  

Participants can use their wash cards at any Quick Quack Car Wash location. They will simply choose their nearest car wash and enjoy their shine.

All vouchers are mailed to the address on your agreement. We do not have vouchers available to pick up at your nearest car wash location. Everything is processed through our team online and sent to you directly.

For a DATW: financial reports are being pulled on Friday following your event. All checks are processed within 30 business days and mailed to the address on the w9 form that you provided.   For a Card Sale: you will need to collect and return any and all unsold vouchers. Once received the vouchers will be counted and a credit memo along with your final statement will be sent to you from our accounting team. At that point you will be able to make your payment and close out your fundraiser.  

Yes! We find that by having supporters onsite it assists with attendance, donations and team morale. We encourage you and the organization to make this a FULL event, by bringing out local supporters, sign waivers, information about your organization to share with others and HAVE FUN! 
*Refer to Terms of Service for details and limitations.